Thursday, January 6, 2011

Late Season Surprises

Past the persimmon trees are geese out in the orchard.
We are re-opening the hoshigaki (dried persimmon) orders. After filling all the mail orders we found that we still have a small supply left.  Hoshigaki is for sale at our fruit stand and also through mail order. If you'd like to order some through mail order, click here for the order form or go to the hoshigaki/persimmons tab on the web page. If you come to the fruit stand soon, you can see the last of the hoshigaki that's still drying and get an idea of the process.

Soft Hachiya persimmons are in abundance at the fruit stand.  If you really like soft Hachiyas, now's the time to get them. They can be eaten fresh or you can freeze them whole and eat them like sorbet later on. The pulp can also be squeezed out and frozen to use for baking later, or to add to yogurt or smoothies.

We were surprised to find that we have some Fuyu persimmons that are still firm this late in the season.  Since mandarins were ready so late this year, we still have lots of mandarins at the fruit stand, too, along with the fruits we expect to have now, such as kiwi and Meyer lemon.   

Here's what's at the fruit stand now:
  • Persimmons--Hachiya (soft), Fuyu (firm), and hoshigaki (dried persimmon)
  • Mandarins-Owari Satsuma
  • Kiwi
  • Lemons-Meyer
The orchard fruit stand is open year round.  Hours are Tues.-Sat. from 9-5 and on Sundays from 10-5. We're closed Mondays.

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