Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Otow Orchard featured on PBS's California Gold

We have been told that the piece Huell Howser did about persimmons and making hoshigaki at Otow Orchard for the TV show California Gold will air tonight on PBS stations in Southern California. On October 9th it will air for the first time here in Northern California, and again in Southern California. .

Last Fall he and the show's crew came and spent part of a day filming and interviewing us when we were making hoshigaki (dried persimmons) at the orchard. We haven't yet seen the final version, but it seems that you can order it on the show's website.

In the photo you can see Toshio demonstrating how to make the "kaki knot" to string up a peeled persimmon (kaki) to dry for hoshigaki.


sarahww said...

Thanks for sharing your orchard with California Gold -- my husband and I were mesmerized for a solid half hour. We only wish you were closer to L.A.!

ricmondragon said...

I just saw you featured on PBS - Amazing! I'll be ordering some Hoshigaki in the coming weeks. Can't wait to taste them!

Ric Mondragon
Venice, Ca.

shinymomo45 said...

I saw it this evening on PBS. It is so wonderful. I will be ordering some dry persimmons.

Unknown said...

I saw your program tonight on KCET, and those persimmons sure look great. I live in Bakersfield, but I wish I lived closer to that I can buy them fresh. I will be ordering the dried ones; they look luscious.

Anonymous said...

I will be ordering some of these when they are ready for holiday gifts. Of course I have to try my hand at this as I have one of this persimmon variety in my back yard. I have dried them before using another method which was way too difficult and not so successful.
Just love California 's Gold!

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