Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Peaches, Zucchini & Herbs

The first peaches and vegetables are ready! We now have Spring Crest and May Crest peaches at the fruit stand. The first varieties of peaches are not usually as sweet as the later varieties, and not quite as large. We also have a lot of zucchini growing, both the striped cocozelle and dark green zucchini. Herbs are ready to pick, too. We have basil, rosemary, oregano, and other herbs like lemon balm and cat nip. If you come to the fruit stand, just ask and we can go pick a bunch of herbs from the gardens.

The weather has been unusually cool in the past few weeks for this time of year. We even had rain a few times last week, and a thunder showers. This week so far has been cool and actually foggy in the mornings. It's nice weather to work in, but we're waiting to see how it will affect the fruits and the vegetables.

In the fruit stand now we have:

  • Peaches--Spring Crest and May Crest
  • Apricots--seconds
  • Cherries--Bing, Royal Ann
  • Loquat--also called biwa
  • Grapefruit--white variety
  • Lemons--Eureka
  • Vegetables--zucchini (dark green, cocozelle), string beans (green and yellow), herbs (basil, rosemary, oregano)
  • Honey--bigger sizes now, (from bees living at our orchard)
  • Organic vegetable seedlings--from Peas and Harmony

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