Monday, February 14, 2011

Hoshigaki & other fruit at Fruit Stand

This past weekend, Chris took down the very last two pair of hoshigaki that were drying and got them ready to pack.  We've been dealing with the process of drying persimmons since we started peeling the first ones for hoshigaki at the beginning of October, and only now just finished with the last few.  We still have hoshigaki available to order through mail order, and for sale at the fruit stand. 

The newest fruits in season and for sale at the fruit stand are blood oranges and grapefruit.  Other fruits we have are navel oranges, Eureka and Meyer Lemons, Satsuma mandarins and kiwi.  We expect that we'll be out of honey until at least April.  April is  the earliest time honey may be able to be harvested from the bees again, since they're not producing any extra right now in the cold weather.  The chickens have been laying eggs though, so we have eggs at the fruit stand.

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