Monday, June 8, 2015

Lots of Fruit at the Fruit Stand

We now have lot of different kinds of fruit at the fruit stand.  Here's what we have:

  • Peaches--Flavor Crest, June Crest, Regina, Bon Jour
  • Apricots--Blenheim, Patterson
  • Plums--Santa Rosa, Red Beaut
  • Citrus Fruit--Pink Grapefruit, Valencia Oranges, Eureka Lemons
  • Vegetables--Zucchini and Summer Squash
  • Herbs--Oregano, Mint, Rosemary, Lemon Balm
  • Honey--from bees at our orchard
  • Eggs--from local free range chickens (and ducks)
  • Beeswax candles--handmade 100% beeswax
If you're looking for plums for making jam, we have lots of hail-marked Santa Rosas that we're selling at a discount.  Call and let us know if  you'd like some set aside to pick up at the fruit stand.

Since the weather is warmer now hoshigaki mail orders have stopped until sometime in September.  We'll announce on the website when we begin again and post a new mail order form.

The fruit stand is open regular hours again.  We're open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 6:00, Sunday from 10:00-5:00 and closed on Monday. 

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