Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Santa Rosa plums and Patterson apricots
Too much heat.  It's hard on us and hard on the trees.  It's one of the signs of summer along with peaches and plums.  We are now offering conventionally grown sweet and juicy Bon Jour peaches from Sunnyslope Farm. Bon Jour is a yellow freestone peach.
         We are starting to harvest Santa Rosa plums from our orchard.  These are known for their full flavor and fragrance. The slight tartness in the skin balances out the sweetness and flavor of this heirloom plum.  They are great for eating out of hand or making into jam.
Slowly our harvest of Red Haven, Regina, and Flavorcrest peaches is approaching.  And if we can exclude the birds and pests we will have some Jade white nectarines very soon.
We are now selling:
Red Beaut plums           Santa Rosa plums                 Loquat            Flavor Supreme pluots     zucchini
Eureka lemons       Blenheim apricots     Patterson apricots              peaches           hoshigaki strips    honey

Bon Jour peaches from Sunnyslope Farm
Yellow (white) grapefruit from Pleasant Hill Farm
Santa Rosa and Red Beaut plums from Pleasant Hill Farm
Eggs from Lovejoy Farm

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