Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Update:  Nov 28, 2018
The supply of our premium grade hoshigaki is limited and uncertain this season. We are not sure we can fill the  current backlog of orders for premium DK and DG.  Therefore we cannot offer mail order for our regular premium grade or gift box. At this time, we will take orders only for "Hoshigaki A"  and "Hoshigaki MN". Please see the item descriptions below.

Item Code
   DKA             1 pound in a clear bag.  Usually 6 to 12 pieces.  Soft, sweet       hoshigaki that is not as gushy as premium grade.  Produced and processed at Otow Orchard.

   DKMN          1 pound in a clear bag.  Usually 6 to 12 pieces.  Soft, sweet, tender and well sugared.  This hoshigaki began its drying process at a local farm and was brought to Otow Orchard for finishing.

         If you wish to order DKA or DKMN click here to get the order form.  If you have already sent us your order form and check, your order will be filled as product becomes available in the order received. We have begun to ship out orders starting with order number X 1.  I am hopeful that orders X6 to X40 will be tended to in the next week.  We are also contacting people at pick up orders at the farm stand in the order in which they were received.  If anyone wishes to substitute  DKA or DKMN for their current order of DK or DG  we can expedite your order.  Please contact us by email at or by phone (916) 791-1656.

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