Wednesday, July 1, 2020


        Plans or no plans for the 4th of July, we have peaches and tomatoes.  The tomatoes are just starting to come in.  Red slicing tomatoes, Roma tomatoes and a few cherry tomatoes. We also have crisp, tender, and tasty Asian cucumbers for salads or a relish plate.   Eggplants and peppers are also getting ready for harvest.
       New this year are vegetables from Lani's Garden.  Lani gardens around the corner from us in Granite Bay.  So far she has brought us leaf lettuce, American eggplants, Jalapeno peppers and Anaheim peppers.   Keep watching to see what else she grows.
       Also ready for the celebration are several yellow freestone peach varieties.  Red Haven and June Pride are our favorites and we also have Regina, PF-11 and Flavorcrest.  Sunnyslope Farm is bringing us Flavorcrest, June Pride and maybe a few White Lady peaches.  Time to start making peach pie, peach cobbler and peach crisp.  You can ask us for a recipe.
     Red Beaut plums are about finished but we have a great supply of Santa Rosa plums with their memorable flavor.  There are also some sweet plums with pinkish red flesh called Frontier.
       For now we are getting about a box of black mission figs every two days.  It is a nice looking burber crop, but it might not last long.

      We are selling hoshigaki from last season.  It is available at the farm stand as strips or whole pieces.   Give us a call if you want to order by mail so we can discuss the possibilities.  We are hesitant to ship mail orders due to the heat. (916) 791-1656

      There are several local honey choices at this time. Nastase Honey Farm has a cute honey bear with raw, unfiltered honey.  Our own beekeeper has honey from Otow Orchard as well as orange blossom honey from a valley citrus grove.  Top O' the Hill Apiary in Granite Bay has honey, bee pollen and boxes of beautiful comb honey.

Tues through Sat   10 am to 6 pm

Sun.                       11 am to 5 pm

Closed on Mondays

Here is what we have at the Farm Stand from Otow Orchard:

Santa Rosa Plums: Dark skin with yellow flesh. Sweet-tart taste with intense flavor and fragrance
Frontier Plums: Dark skin, sweet, red flesh.
Flavorcrest Peach:  Yellow freestone
Regina Peach:  Yellow freestone
June Pride:  Yellow freestone peach
Red Haven peach: Yellow freestone with a distinct flavor 
PF-11: Yellow freestone peach
Sugar Lady: White freestone peach (limited supply)
Figs: Black Mission
Eureka Lemons:  Tart
Hoshigaki:  whole and strips
Honey from bees at Otow Orchard
Calendula Salve and Lip Balm

Summer Squash

Cucumbers:  Asian and Lemon
Asian eggplant

Here is what we have from other producers:
Yellow Peaches from Sunnyslope Farm (conventionally grown)
Lani's Garden:  Lettuce, American eggplant, Jalapeno peppers and Anaheim peppers.

Honey from Nastase Honey Farm in Lincoln 
Orange Blossom Honey from our bee keeper
Top O' the Hill Apiary:  Honey, comb honey, and bee pollen.
Eggs from Two Feather Farm in Granite Bay
Jams from the Good Stuff. We currently have Plum (Santa Rosa), Peach Cardamon, Chili Apricot, Pepper Pomegranate, Fig Orange Brandy, Chili Blackberry, and Quince Marmalade



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