Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not So Many Peaches This Year

We are "between varieties" of our yellow peaches right now, so we have a very limited supply at the fruit stand. We hope to have Gene Elbertas and Faye Elbertas by the weekend, but it looks like even these usually plentiful varieties will be in limited supply. Our trees didn't produce as many peaches as usual this year, probably because of the unusual weather when they were setting fruit in the spring. We still have some white peaches for sale from our orchard, but also not as many as usual.

At the fruit stand we do have peaches from our neighbors, the Koyama family. We're thankful that this year they've been able to bring peaches over for us to help sell.

It is probably about the peak of tomato season right now and we definitely have a lot of tomatoes. If you're planning on freezing or canning tomatoes, now is a good time to come get some.

At the fruit stand you'll find:


  • Peaches--a limited supply of yellow freestone varieties, cling, and white varieties (Sugar Lady, Nectar, Babcock)
  • Plums--Friar, Eldorado, Laroda, Kelsey
  • Nectarines--yellow
  • Apples--Gravenstein
  • Melons-new this week
  • Tomatoes (regular and cherry), Tomatillos
  • Eggplant--thin Japanese and larger types
  • Beans--long beans
  • Cucumber--Japanese
  • Zucchini--green and yellow
  • Peppers--sweet and hot
  • Swiss Chard
  • Herbs--Basil (Genovase and lettuce leaf), Oregano, Rosemary
  • Garlic, Onions
  • Honey-from bees at our orchard
  • organic seedlings from Peas and Harmony.

Above is a photo taken last year around this time of Murphy, our neighbor's dog visiting the fruit stand. She died last August.

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