Thursday, November 7, 2013

Turkeys, Persimmons, Coffee and Walnuts

Taffy the cat in a hachiya tree
We are selling fresh persimmons, hoshigaki (dried persimmons) and other fruit this month through the Sierra Foothills Producers Cooperative. Through the Sierra Foothills Producers Cooperative you can order local grass-fed, hormone free beef, lamb, pork and chicken, as well as eggs, cheese, produce, bread, honey, jams and sauces. New this month are fresh walnuts, locally roasted coffee and free-range turkeys. 

Orders are made online and then you choose one of five locations to pick up your order.  Locations are Otow Orchard (in Granite Bay), Sinclair Family Farm (in Penryn), Humbug Creek Drive in Folsom, Smoky's (in Truckee) and Tahoe Wellness (in Kings Beach).  

The next delivery from the Sierra Foothills Producers Cooperative to our orchard will be Friday, Nov. 22nd from 4:00-4:30. Orders must be sent in by 4:00 PM Thursday, Nov. 14th.

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