Monday, September 30, 2013

Qunice and Persimmon Time

Fresh Chestnuts
It's hard to believe that we are already into the quince and persimmon harvest. We have 4 types of brown fleshed persimmons: Maru, Nagamaru, Coffee Cake, and Hyakume.  We have already sold a few soft ripe Hachiya persimmons and are starting to peel the hard ones for making hoshigaki.  We are even picking Fuyu persimmons.       Last year the quince crop was a disappointment.  This year they are beautiful and fragrant.  I am excited to make Dulce de Membrillo and spiced roasted quince.  They pair nicely with ham and pork dinners.
Sunnyslope Farm is bringing us apples. At the moment we have Fuji and Mutsu (crispin).  They are also bringing us sweet, moist, and flavorful chestnuts.  We'll  include cooking instructions if you need.
The gardens are still producing a small stream of tomatoes, squash, peppers, and beans.

Here's what's at the Farm Stand now:
Persimmons:  Fuyu, Hachiya, Maru, Nagamaru, Chocolate, Hyakume
Quince:  Pineapple
Jujube:  Li
Peaches:  Fairtime (yellow freestone),  Levi (clings from Sunnyslope Farm)
Plums:  Casselman
Asian pears:  Nijuseki (20th Century), Shinseki (New Century), Shinko, Olympic, and Yali
European pears:  De Anjou and Bosc (from Sunnyslope Farm)
Apples: Granny Smith and Fuji (from Otow Orchard)
            Mutsu and Fuji (from Sunnyslope Farm)
Vegetables:  Tomatoes, squash, beans, peppers.  All in limited supply.
Winter squash:  Butternut, and Kabocha
Herbs:  Basil, oregano, and rosemary
Bee products:  honey, propolis,bee pollen, 100% beeswax candles
Jam:  The Good Stuff jams made with fruit from our orchard
Hoshigaki: From last season : strips and whole

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