Monday, May 21, 2018


In a month, this peach may be ready to harvest.
       The irrigation is now on a regular schedule. Peach and plum thinning  is about finished. We are starting to thin pears, apples and quince.  And we are keeping our eyes open, anxiously waiting for summer fruit.  The birds are watching too. It is not always easy to stay more alert than the birds.  There are so many and they are so hungry.  The crop is light this year so in order to have any nice fruit to sell we need to use bird netting and bags to protect the harvest.
Persimmon blossom
         We currently have a very limited amount of cherries. I am sure they will be gone in a flash.  There is also a small crop of Pakistani Mulberries. We hope to start harvesting Loquat in about a week.
       Some people are asking about hoshigaki, dried persimmons.  Although we still have a good supply they are only available at the farm stand.  With the warm weather we are afraid they will melt if they have to travel long distances.

May to January Hours:
Tu to Sat:   10 am to 6 pm
Sun:            10 am to 5 pm
Closed on Mondays

We will also be closed on Sunday June 10, 2018 

Here's what we have in the farm stand from Otow Orchard:

Yellow grapefruit
Eureka lemons
Valencia oranges 
Cherries (limited supply)
Mulberries (limited supply)

Hoshigaki  (No longer available though Mail Order. )
Dried figs
Salve and Lip Balm 
Otow Orchard Honey

This is what we have from other producers:
Winter vegetables from Barley Oats Farm
Red and Yellow onions from Lovejoy farm
Blueberries from Sunnyslope Farm
Jams from The Good Stuff
Eggs from Two Feather Farm

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