Thursday, February 6, 2020


     Farm Stand hours for  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will remain the same as always.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will have a couple midday hours. And as always we are closed on Mondays. See the abbreviated hours listed below.
      Now that the Satsuma Mandarins are finished it is time for others to take their place.  We have Clementine Mandarins and Navel and Blood Oranges from our orchard.  There are Eureka Lemons, and Cara Cara and Navel Oranges from Pleasant Hill Orchard in Newcastle.  Also from Newcastle are Pink Grapefruit from Mihara Farm.
       Slowly we are working on the finishing stages for hoshigaki. We are sorting and packaging them for sale in the farm stand or vacuum sealing them for longer storage in the freezer.  Since the weather is cool, we continue to fill mail order requests for hoshigaki.  If you would like to order, please click here for mail order form.

     The leaves have fallen and most trees are taking a break.  The ume, Japanese apricot, however, are in full bloom.  We have both pink and white blossoms appearing. The bees come by on any dry day for a sip of nectar.   We are working on the pruning.  We try to minimize disease by pruning peaches and plums only when there is a dry spell.  When it is wet or threat of rain we prune persimmons.  The tractor driver is busy spreading decomposed horse manure and rototilling vegetable gardens. We are checking the orchard and trees for potential grafting and planting sites.
     Our bare root fruit trees have arrived. We have plums, peaches, apples and Fuyu persimmon trees.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these trees, please come by or give us a call.  Those that are not sold or reserved will be planted in our orchard in the next few weeks.

Official Statement: We have NO pick-your-own activities.


      Tues, Wed, Thur:      11:30 am  to  1:30 pm       
Fri, Sat:      10 am to 6 pm
Sun:          11 am to5 pm
Closed on Mondays

WE ASK THAT YOU KINDLY DO NOT DISTURB DURING NON BUSINESS HOURS.   For other times please call my mobile phone.  You must leave a message if you are not already in my phone.   (916) 300-0720.  We are often here someplace and will gladly arrange to help you.  We normally return to regular hours in May.

Here's what we have in the farm stand from Otow Orchard:
Apples:   Fuji

Hoshigaki: dried persimmons
Citrus:  Clementine Mandarins, Blood Orange, Navel Oranges
Calendula salve and lip balm

Nuts:  Walnuts and Pecans 
Dried or dehydrated fruit:  apples, peaches.

This is what we have from other producers: 
Pleasant Hill Farm:  Navel oranges, Cara Cara oranges, Eureka lemons

Mihara Farm:  Pink grapefruit
Jams from The Good Stuff
Bee pollen from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Honey from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Comb Honey from Top O' The Hill Apiary 

Honey(Unfiltered) from Nastase Honey Farm
Eggs from Two Feather Farm

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