Tuesday, October 13, 2020



The Hachiya persimmons are beginning to show their beautiful orange complexion. And so the Hoshigaki (Japanese hand dried persimmon) process has begun.   We are peeling hundreds of them a day and carefully hanging them by their stems in the sun.   The first few have been massaged and are ripening and shriveling.  Soon they will develop sugar on the surface.

Hoshigaki from the previous season are available at the farm stand while the supply lasts. Early season hoshigaki may be available in November.  The best hoshigaki may not be available until late November and December. If you want to pick up premium hoshigaki from the current season, it is best to get on the waiting list.  These hoshigaki will probably be available is December.  You can call (916) 791-1656 or email us at:  otoworchard@yahoo.com. For mail orders, please go to our website and use our order form.

Along with many of our customers we are awaiting Fuyu (apple type)persimmons. The color and maturity is not quite there yet.  We are hoping to have Fuyu persimmons from the last 2 weeks of October through November.  Meanwhile, we are selling soft ripe hachiya persimmons for eating out of hand or for baking.  Brown fleshed persimmons are also starting their harvest. We have Maru, Nagamaru (also called Tsurunoko and Chocolate), and Hyakume.

It is Apple and Asian pear season.  We have Fuji aples from our orchard and Mutsu (similar to Golden Delicious) apples from Sunnyslope Farm.  We have 3 varieties of brown Asian pears: Shinko, Okusankichi and Olympic.

This time of year we are also harvesting jujube, red and white pomegranates, and quince.  We are getting winter squash from the garden:  Delicata, Kabocha, Black Futsu, and Red Kuri.  WoodRose Country Garden is bringing us eggplant, peppers and basil.

Although the song makes us think of chestnuts as a holiday treat, Placer County chestnuts are falling off the trees.  We just received a delivery of big beautiful chestnuts from Mihara Farm in Newcastle.  My advice is to pierce each one, soak overnight in cold water, then boil the next morning for  20 minutes.  Peel as soon as cool enough to handle.



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Here is what we have at the Farm Stand from Otow Orchard:


        Kyoho: Purple, seeded grapes with concord-like flavor

Hoshigaki:  whole

Jujube:  Li, GA 688

Asian Pears:  Shinko, Okusankichi, Olympic

Apples:  Fuji

Pomegranates: White and Red

Brown fleshed Persimmons: Maru, Nagamaru, Hyakume

Hachiya persimmons: Must be soft to be sweet

Honey and bee pollen from bees at Otow Orchard
Calendula Salve and Lip Balm
Cucumbers:  Asian (limited supply)


Chili peppers

Winter squash:  Delicata, Kabocha, Black Futsu, Red Kuri

Persimmon Pulp

Here is what we have from other producers: 

Sunnyslope Farm: Ganny Smith, Mutsu apples, conventionally grown. Fresh eating or cooking with sweet/tart flavor. Similar to Gloden Delicious.

Mihara Farm: Chestnuts, conventionally grown

Wood Rose Country Garden: American eggplant, basil, bell peppers
Top O' the Hill Apiary:  Honey, and comb honey
Eggs from Two Feather Farm in Granite Bay
Jams from the Good Stuff. We currently have Plum (Santa Rosa), Peach Cardamon, Chili Apricot, Pepper Pomegranate, Fig Orange Brandy, Chili Blackberry, and Quince Marmalade


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