Monday, March 18, 2019


It was very wet when we left for New York at the beginning of March.  We returned last week to sunny dry California weather, though there is more rain in the forecast.  It is getting late to be planting new trees so that was first on Tosh's agenda.  He put 20 trees in the ground in one day.  Amazing what one can do under pressure.  Half the trees we planted are for grafting.  As the weather dries we are able to put scion wood from our old variety plums onto new root stock. This is how we can preserve heirloom plum varieties that are no longer available at the nurseries.
      As the orchard wakes up so do the pests.  First item on my agenda was to put out a round of mating disruption lures.  This is an organic practice where lures that smell like female moths are hung on target trees to confuse the male moth.  This results in less moth eggs and less wormy fruit.
       The peach and plum trees are pushing blossoms.  It is unusual to see both white plum blossoms and pink peach blossoms at the same time.  If you would like to see this display, now is the time to come for a walk in the orchard.  This show will go on for about 10 days. Then blossoms will start to dry up and green leaves will begin to push out.  In about a month we will see blossoms on apple and pear trees.

March and April modified weekday hours are listed below.  Please take note.

Official Statement: We have NO pick-your-own activities.

 March and April Hours:
Tu, Wed, and Thur:  11:30 am to 1:30 pm

 Fri and Sat:   10 am to 6 pm

            Sun:   11 am to 5 pm
 Closed on Mondays
For other times, please call  for an appointment.
(916) 300-0720

Here's what we have in the farm stand from Otow Orchard:
Hoshigaki, hand dried persimmons

Mandarins:  Satsuma and Clementine
Navel Oranges
Eureka Lemons
White grapefruit (yellow flesh)
Dried Figs and peaches
Calendula Salve and Lip Balm
Honey from Otow Orchard (limited supply)

This is what we have from other producers:

Navel oranges from Pleasant Hill Farm
Cara Cara oranges from Pleasant Hill Farm
Rio Red Grapefruit from Stony Point (organic certified)
Jams from The Good Stuff
Winter vegetables from BarlyOats Farm (When available)
Honey  from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Bee pollen from Top O' The Hill Apiary

Honey from Nastase Honey Farm
Eggs from Two Feather Farm


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