Saturday, March 1, 2014

March and April Hours

We're changing our fruit stand hours for the months of March and April.  In May we will go back to regular hours.

March & April Hours:
Tues., Wed. Thurs.--11:30-1:30
Fri., Sat., Sun.--10-6
Closed on Mondays

If you would like to come at a different time Tuesday through Thursday you can call us and make an appointment. We are usually around at the orchard but we're only staffing the fruit stand during those hours unless someone calls and arranges an appointment.

At the fruit stand now we have navel oranges, yellow grapefruitblood oranges, lemons, hoshigaki (Japanese hand-dried persimmons) and free-range local eggs. You can also still order hoshigaki from us through mail order.

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