Saturday, December 19, 2020


It's nearly Christmas then it will be nearly the end of 2020.   We are, as the world is, looking forward to a time when we can gather and hug our friends and families. Shake hands with the ones we meet.  And show our smile or frown. Yet we need to hang on for a few more months before we can be rest assured that those who need a hospital bed will have one.  And we can know that our current sacrifices have saved lives.

The farm stand continues to be open our regular hours. We ask customers to wear a face covering and social distance.  We are mostly outdoors, but I need to protect our workers from exposure to so many farm visitors.  We have been safe for nine months, help us to make it another six months.

Thank you all for patiently waiting in the hot summer and fall sun to be served at our little farm stand window.  And thank you now for patiently waiting in the wind and rain to be served at our little farm stand window. 

Fresh persimmons are about finished. We have to search to find Fuyu that have much firmness. They are now more sweet and juicy.  People are still enjoying  soft brown fleshed persimmons and  juicy vodka persimmons.  Now is the season for soft ripe hachiya and gyombo, so soft and sweet. Just right for fresh eating or baking.

Mandarins from Placer County growers have made their way to our farm.  Tudsberry Orchards in Loomis is bringing mandarins in a bag as well as some very big ones.  From Lincoln, we are getting small bags of red and yellow mandarins.

The hoshigaki process is still occupying much of our time off and night time hours.  Another week or so before we see the end of late night sessions.  We have almost caught up with the waiting list of people who ordered farm stand pick ups and mail orders for hoshigaki.   For the moment we will have enough for your requests, but there may be a delay in getting your hoshigaki because it is still in the works.  Tuesday through Sunday you can call for farm stand orders.

Hoshigaki mail orders can be done by printing out our mail order form and sending us a check.  Call (916) 791-1656 or email: for questions.

A few gift ideas:  Honey Bear honey, Comb Honey, Hoshigaki, Jams, Mountain grown mandarins.


Tues through Sat   10 am to 6 pm

Sun.                       11 am to 5 pm

Closed on Mondays

Here is what we have at the Farm Stand from Otow Orchard:

Asian Pears:  Okusankichi:  Generally large, mildly sweet winter Asian pear. Crisp, juicy and refreshing.

Pomegranates: White, Pink, and Red

Fuyu persimmons: Now at the end of their season, they are sweet soft and juicy. It has a peach-like texture.  

Okusankichi: Not exactly a Christmas tree.

Maru, Hyakume persimmons:  these are brown fleshed persimmons.  The pollinated seeds influence the flesh to turn brown and sweet. If not fully pollinated there will be portions of the fruit that are puckery. 

Hachiya and Gyombo persimmons: Must be soft to be sweet.  Used for  fresh eating and baking.  These are the persimmons that are often referred to as "food of the gods".  Great in smoothies and on cereal or yogurt.

Vodka persimmon: This is the astringent Hyakume persimmon that has been treated with vodka to make it sweet. It may be eaten hard or soft.

Quince: Usually only eaten when cooked and sweetener added.  Quince contain pectin and is used for jams, jellies, candy, and paste. Fragrant and flavorful.

Hoshigaki:  Dried persimmons with naturally formed dusting of fruit sugars on the surface.
Bee pollen from bees at Otow Orchard
Calendula Salve and Lip Balm

Winter squash:  Kabocha, Red Kuri, and Butternut

Persimmon Pulp

Walnuts:  whole and shelled

Here is what we have from other producers:

Pleasant Hill Farm in Newcastle:  Red and yellow Satsuma mandarins. Conventionally grown.  

Tudsberry Orchards in Loomis:  Satsuma mandarins by the bag.  Also large and small sizes.

Top O' the Hill Apiary:  Comb honey,  Bees wax

Nastase Honey Farm, Lincoln:  Honey

Eggs from Two Feather Farm in Granite Bay (limited supply).

Jams from the Good Stuff. We currently have Plum (Santa Rosa), Peach Cardamon, Chili Apricot, Pepper Pomegranate, Fig Orange Brandy, Chili Blackberry, and Quince Marmalade


Monday, December 14, 2020


      With the cooler weather, the hoshigaki seemed to relax and are becoming more tender.  This is good because it means we will have more very tender hoshigaki to sell.  And of course there will be some that will just stay firmer.

     So with that introduction, we feel that we can safely resume hoshigaki mail ordering.   New orders that we received now will probably be shipped near the end of this year.

      Please click  order form  to  make an order.

Friday, December 4, 2020


 WE ARE SUSPENDING SALES OF MAIL ORDER HOSHIGAKI.  There are still a lot of persimmons hanging in the drying room.  We are suspending since we are not sure of the resulting quality of the fruit still drying.  Stay tuned, we'll let you know.

The process seems bumpy this year.  Not drying as fast or drying too fast. The weather is too hot or too dry or not cold enough.  Was it poor pollination in the spring, extreme hot weather in the summer, or smoky air in the fall?  I can probably think of more reasons, not to mention my age and energy. 

In years past we have offered non premium quality or hoshigaki from other producers.  Let us figure out how much and what quality we have to offer in future sales.  Please be patient.  Over the years hoshigaki has taught us to be patient.  Maybe this is a test to see if I was a good student.

Check the What's New page on our web site to keep updated on the status of hoshigaki mail ordering.   You may email us for an update but we are not organized enough to keep a waiting list (the truth).

I feel that mail orders already received will be filled. We will contact you if we are unable to fill your order. 

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