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Job Posting: Temporary position, June to September 2022

Otow Orchard, 6232 Eureka Rd. Granite Bay

10 to 20 hrs. per week (hours vary by the season) $14 to $15 per hr.

Otow Orchard is a direct-to-consumer farm market. Personal contact with and respect for customers is important to building our business and our community. Produce is grown without sprays or chemical fertilizers. Harvest occurs when produce is mature and at its peak. We support local feeding programs and area farms.

We are looking for an honest, reliable, hardworking, self-directed individual who has an interest in growing good food. This is an opportunity to work day to day on a farm and learn about our crops and methods.

Job Title: Farm stand and produce associate

Job description:

Assist in farm stand marketing and sales.

Cleaning, inspecting, and restocking the display.

Maintain and clean the fruit stand area and farm yard.

Sorting produce for quality and distribution.

Harvest, irrigate and help maintain vegetable garden.

Build positive relationships with customers and coworkers.

Assignments may require use of hand tools and power tools.

Seasonally and with experience, the job description will change as needed.


Work safely and ask for help when needed.

Follow heat stress and food safety guidelines.

Be observant and report or take care of things that are out of line.

Clean up and put away tools and equipment.

Make good use of time.


Reliable transportation.

Commute less than 10 miles.

Be able to safely lift 40 pounds.

Work during extremes of weather: hot, cold, wet, dry.

Dependable attendance.

COVID vaccinated and boosted.

Good math basics.

Good communication skills (listening and speaking).

Please submit resume and inquiries in person or through email:

before May 24, 2022.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022


      Many little green fruitlets are now visible in the orchard. I have seen  plum, plout, peach, fig, apple and Asian pears.  We are starting to thin peaches, plums and pluots to get better size and quality.  It is a tedious and important task.  I like to stand on a ladder and listen to the "plink plink" sound the fruitlets make as they bounce off the aluminum ladder.


     We were tempted but glad we didn't.  The weather has been warming up so we thought about planting vegetables.  With the few cold mornimg we have been having, it would have been a sad start for them.  Hopefully we soon will be getting tomatoes, eggplants and  peppers  in the ground.  Also we will be seeding squash, cucumbers, beans, and okra.


      We are watching the ume, " Japanese pickling plum" slowly grow. If we can dodge hail and freezing weather for the next month, we will have a medium size crop.   If you want to reserve ume, please call us at (916) 791-1656 or email us at

Sadly, this 100 year old tree will not produce ume again.





FRIDAY, SATURDAY                              10:00 TO 6:00

SUNDAY                           11:00 TO 5:00


Since we are often at the farm anyway, you may call us to arrange for other times. 

Farm Stand:      (916) 791-1656

Mobile phone:   (916) 300-0720

  Here is what we have at the Farm Stand from Otow Orchard:


Yellow grapefruit 

Eureka lemons πŸ‹

Hachiya:  frozen pulp 


Honey 🍯 from bees 🐝 at Otow Orchard. Bee pollen from bees 🐝 at Otow Orchard

⚘ Calendula Salve and Lip Balm 


Here is what we have from other producers:

Stoney Point Orchard in Loomis is an organic certified orchard.  They are bringing us Pink grapefruit and Limequats.

Lupi Farm in Granite Bay: No spray Meyer Lemons, πŸ‹ known for flavor and fragrance. These lemons are less tart than regular lemons, with floral fragrance and bright taste.   Great for adding to your water or tea. Can also be used in salad dressings and sauces.

WoodRose Country Gardens  in Granite Bay:  πŸ₯• Organic carrots.

Top O' the Hill Apiary in Granite Bay: Honey🍯. Top of the Hill Apiary also has bees wax 🐝.

Jams πŸ‘ from the Good Stuff. We currently have Quince Marmalade. 

La Bella Vito Farm is bringing us freshπŸ₯š eggs from pastured πŸ”πŸ”chickens.


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