Tuesday, December 26, 2017


We now have yummy mandarins coming into the fruit stand from Pleasant Hill Farm in Lincoln as well as our own.  They are both sweet and easy to peel, a great pick-me-up snack.  I like this healthy, juicy, alternative to the many sweets I have been devouring during the holidays.          It has been a long hoshigaki season.  With a few firm hachiyas still around, Tosh has been continuing to peel a few of them each week to see what kind of hoshigaki we can make.  Most of the remaining hoshigaki that are hanging on the racks are about finished with the drying processing. There should be enough to put away for extended sales. Hoshigaki are available in the farm stand.  We are continuing to accept mail orders for hoshigaki.
        We are finding only a few crisp Fuyu persimmons.  The cool weather has stimulated the ripening and softening of them.  Fuyu all seem to be headed for soft peach-like texture and are more sweet and juicy.
        Hachiya are also ripening.  They are transforming into soft, sweet globes for fresh eating and baking.
Hoshigaki: Japanese hand dried persimmons
Fuyu persimmons
Hachiya persimmons
Vodka persimmons
Maru persimmons (partially sweet)
Apples:  Granny Smith
Red pomegranates
Asian Pear:  Okusankichi
Satsuma mandarins
Calendula Salve
Bees wax candles
Persimmon recipe books

Winter Vegetables from BarleyOats Farm is taking a little break. Vegetables will soon be ready to harvest. Be sure to keep checking by visiting their web site: barleyoats.farm or giving us a call (916) 791-1656.

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