Friday, June 24, 2016


Wild blackberries have arrived!  Ours are hand picked from wild blackberry bushes on our non- spray orchard.  Wild blackberries have the traditional flavor that you recognize as blackberry.  They are smaller than the cultivated thorn less berries but higher in flavor. Normally their season lasts for three to four weeks. They are great for snacking and adding to your peach crisp or pie.

We now have new varieties of plums coming in from the orchard. My new favorite is Burgandy, a small, sweet, red-fleshed plum.  Other red fleshed plums we have are Frontier and Satsuma.  We still have a good supply of flavorful, sweet and fragrant Santa Rosa plums.  Just coming in are the Laroda and Black Amber plums.

There are several varieties of yellow and white peaches in our farm stand so come check them out.

Guess what?  We seem to have a good supply of summer squash! They are firm, shinny, fresh and oh so tender.  We also have cucumbers, beans, eggplant, basil and a few peppers and tomatoes.

Don't forget to get a $1 off coupon for your next shopping trip when your purchase is over $10.  In celebration of the 4th of July,  we will double your valid Otow Orchard coupon on July 1, July 2, and July 3, 2016 so you can get $2 off your purchase of fruits and vegetables on these days.

We have recipes for Black Amber plum pie, peach crip, peach cobbler, overnight cucumber pickles, Parmesan summer squash casserole and more.

Currently selling in the farm stand:
Peaches:  Flavorcrest, Red Haven, Regina, Frost, June Pride, PF Lucky 13
White peaches:  Sugar Lady, Babcock, Nectar
Yellow fleshed plums:  Santa Rosa, Laroda, Black Amber
Red fleshed plums:  Satsuma, Frointier, Burgandy
Pluots:  Flavor Supreme, Flavor Queen, Dapple Dandy
Nectarines:  Firecracker, Jade
Berries:  Wild Blackberries
Apricots:  Blenheim
Figs:  Black Mission
Eureka lemons, our local honey,  Good Stuff Jams, Calendula Salve and lip balm
Herbs:  Basil, rosemary, shiso, oregano, mint and thyme
Vegetables:  green and yellow summer squash, Asian cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, green beans, yellow wax beans,  and a few Japanese eggplant, sweet peppers, tomatoes and sungold cherry tomatoes
Hoshigaki:  grade B, hoshigaki strips

From Sunnyslope Farm in Granite Bay:  Yellow peaches and Donut peaches
From Pleasant Hill Farm in Lincoln:  Santa Rosa and Black Amber plums

Friday, June 17, 2016

4th of July

Otow Orchard offers a $1 off coupon on purchases of $10 or more.  This coupon can be used on your next shopping trip to the orchard.

JULY 1, JULY 2, AND JULY 3, 2016

Bring your $1 off Otow Orchard coupon on July 1, July 2, or July 3, 2016  and we will give you $2 off your purchase of fruits and vegetables. (This offer excludes eggs, honey, plants, books, wood, lip balm, salve, and other non-produce items. Limit one coupon per shopping trip.  Must present coupon at time of purchase.  Not valid with other offers. Altered, copied or reproduced coupons will not be accepted.  Only original coupon will be accepted for this offer.  Coupon cannot be redeemed for cash.)

Buy fruits and vegetables for a healthy 4th of July celebration.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Santa Rosa plums and Flavorcrest peach
 SANTA ROSA PLUMS are the star of the show this week.  Sweet, juicy, tangy and high in flavor and fragrance.  Step into our farm stand to experience the natural aroma of an amazing plum.  Take a bite and you will know why it is the favorite of so many people.  While the supply lasts, whole trays (7 pounds or more) of Santa Rosa plums can be purchased at a discount.  Whole trays (7 pounds or more) of small Santa Rosas are further discounted for jam makers or people who don't mind the small size.
Meanwhile, the peaches are starting to show up. On the small side at this time but improving in the sweet, juicy and flavor areas.
Breakfast of Flavorcrest peach and Flavor Supreme pluot
Santa Rosa plums          Yellow freestone peaches       Flavor Supreme pluots    Hoshigaki strips     Red Beaut plums       Beauty plums       Blenheim apricots       Patterson apricots       Eureka lemons       Loquat       Figs
Vegetables:  Summer squash, beans, Japanese eggplant, cucumbers
Donut peaches          Yellow and white freestone peaches      Santa Rosa plums        Blenheim apricots              Grapefruit

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Santa Rosa plums and Patterson apricots
Too much heat.  It's hard on us and hard on the trees.  It's one of the signs of summer along with peaches and plums.  We are now offering conventionally grown sweet and juicy Bon Jour peaches from Sunnyslope Farm. Bon Jour is a yellow freestone peach.
         We are starting to harvest Santa Rosa plums from our orchard.  These are known for their full flavor and fragrance. The slight tartness in the skin balances out the sweetness and flavor of this heirloom plum.  They are great for eating out of hand or making into jam.
Slowly our harvest of Red Haven, Regina, and Flavorcrest peaches is approaching.  And if we can exclude the birds and pests we will have some Jade white nectarines very soon.
We are now selling:
Red Beaut plums           Santa Rosa plums                 Loquat            Flavor Supreme pluots     zucchini
Eureka lemons       Blenheim apricots     Patterson apricots              peaches           hoshigaki strips    honey

Bon Jour peaches from Sunnyslope Farm
Yellow (white) grapefruit from Pleasant Hill Farm
Santa Rosa and Red Beaut plums from Pleasant Hill Farm
Eggs from Lovejoy Farm

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