Friday, August 19, 2016


      It may be the middle of August but the trees are transitioning into fall.  Asian Pears are starting to fill the farm stand.  We have two yellow varieties: 20th Century (Nijyuseiki) and New Century (Shinseiki).  The brown varieties are:  Hosui, Yoi, and Shinko.  All are crisp, juicy and sweet.  They vary in flavor and tenderness.  Refrigerate these for a refreshing treat.
     We will be harvesting the last 2 varieties of peaches in the next two weeks.  Supply will be limited so it might be best to call ahead.  Our peach season was a bit disappointing.  Not as juicy and flavorful as previous years.  Some were bitter, some were mushy.  As we reflect on our years of experience, we have to conclude that growing peaches is a challenge.  The farming practices, the weather, the irrigation water, the ground water, the nutrients, etc. all have an influence on the result.  As farmers, after the harvest is in and winter then spring arrive,  there is always hope for a great peach season the next time.
     We are harvesting our last variety of plums.  Casselman are flavorful, juicy and sweet with a little tang.  They still represent the taste of summer.
     We have increased our water use but trees are just asking for more.  The ground doesn't seem to retain much moisture and our excess water drainage system has never been drier.    The old swamp is dry and the surrounding eucalyptus trees are shedding limbs.  We are looking forward to cooler weather and moisture from the sky.

     Currently in the farm stand:
Peaches: limited supply of Late Alamer, Summerset, and Fairtime
Plums:  Kelsey, Casselman, Elephant Heart, Friar
Grapes:  Limited supply of Kyoho and Thompson Seedless
Figs:  Brown Turkey, black Mission, and Green
Citrus:  Valencia oranges
Asian Pears:  20th century, New Century, Hosui, Yoi, and Shinko
European Pears:  Bartlet
Vegetables:  Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, Asian cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, long beans, eggplant, tomatillos, hot and sweet peppers, basil, and okra.
Sunnyslope Farm is bringing us yellow freestone peaches
Pleasant Hill Farm is bringing us Friar plums and Hosui and Niitaka Asian pears
Other Items:  Good Stuff Jams, Honey, salve, eggs, hoshigaki strips and grade B hoshigaki

Orders for Sierra Foothill Producer Coop is due Sept 8th with delivery Sept 16.  Check out Meat Deliveries at the web site:  sinclairfamily  

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Tomato season has finally arrived.  Many of you have been waiting for vine ripened, juicy tomatoes for your BLTs.  We have many types of tomatoes:  slicing, heirloom, paste, salad, and cherry.
Along with tomatoes the farm stand is full of juicy, sweet peaches, plums and pluots. Now is the time for canning or freezing this year's harvest to enjoy the rest of the year.
Currently in the farm stand we are selling:
Peaches:  Fay Elberta, 49er, Rio Oso Gem, and O'Henry
Plums:  Laroda, Friar, Eldorado, Kelsey, and Red Roy
Pluots:  Flavor King, Flavor Queen, and Dapple Dandy
Citrus: Valencia oranges
Asian Pears :  20th Century, and Hosui
Herbs:  Basil, rosemary, red shiso, mint, catnip, and lemon balm
Grapes: red
Vegetables: Tomatoes, Asian cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, summer squash, tomatillos, eggplant, and peppers
Other items:  honey, Good Stuff Jam, Calendula Salve, Hoshigaki

From other producers:
Sunnyslope Farm:  Elberta peaches, Candy Stripe pluots
Pleasant Hill Farm:  Friar plums, Cassie plums, Dapple Dandy pluots

See you at the farm stand.

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