Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hoshigaki Orders

Obaachan hangs freshly peeled persimmons as Mocha sleeps in the sun.
We're still taking orders for hoshigaki (Japanese hand-dried persimmons) through mail order and for pick up at the fruit stand.  If you'd like to order hoshigaki through mail order, print out the mail order form to send to us.  At the fruit stand we have various grades of hoshigaki for sale in different quantities.  If you'd like to pick up more than a few pounds of hoshigaki at the fruit stand, please call us ahead of time and let us know, so we can set it aside for you.  

Please get hoshigaki orders in as soon as possible, since we fill orders as we receive them and supply is limited to what we're able to dry in a season.  We stopped peeling new persimmons this week because most of the hachiya had gotten too soft to peel.  Since we're not able to peel and start any new persimmons for the hoshigaki drying process, the persimmons left drying now make up the end of this year's hoshigaki supply.  In the colder weather, the persimmons take longer to dry, so we expect to be drying these last persimmons at least into the middle of January.  Next year sometime in October we expect to begin the process again.  Also, we have stopped shipping out fresh persimmons through mail order because they are not firm enough to ship without damaging. We are still taking mail orders for mandarins.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mandarins and Fuyu Persimmons

Mandarins are now at the fruit stand.  We have them for sale by the pound and in bags. The season started a bit early this year, but the fruit is sweet and flavorful.  The Mountain Mandarin Festival will take place next week, from Friday, Nov. 20th through Sunday, Nov. 22nd in Auburn at the Gold Country Fairgrounds.  There are lots of different activities and it's a good way to meet and support local farmers.

At the fruit stand we still have lots of fuyu persimmons, also for sale by the pound or by the bag.  Fuyu persimmons are the type that you can eat when they're firm like an apple.  With the weather getting colder lately the fuyu are likely to start softening, so if you like them firm now is a good time to come get them.  When the fuyu become softer (more like a peach texture) we won't be able to sell them by the bag anymore.

Hoshigaki (Japanese hand-dried persimmons) are for sale at the fruit stand.  If you'd like to reserve a large amount of hoghigaki to pick up at the fruit stand, please call us ahead of time.  You can also order hoshigaki through mail order.  Other produce at the fruit stand includes maru (chocolate) persimmons, vodka-treated hyakume persimmons, hachiya and gyombo persimmonsOkusankichi Asian pear, red pomegranates, Granny Smith and Fuji apples and winter squash.  We also have honey from bees at our orchard, The Good Stuff jam and persimmon cookbooks.

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