Saturday, October 12, 2019


        It is mid October and we have started the hoshigaki process.  The Hachiya persimmons are coloring up nicely so we are peeling and hanging them up on the racks in the sun.  Some have been massaged and are taking on their droopy wrinkled appearance.  Soon we hope the magic will happen and tiny sugar crystals will appear on the surface.  Wa-lah, Hoshigaki.  The whole process takes 4 to 6 weeks so be patient.
      Purchasing hoshigaki is not always straight forward.  We  hope to start selling the early ones by the beginning of November.   The premium grade usually shows up after Thanksgiving.  We are now accepting mail orders for people who cannot come to the farm to pick up their order.  Although we do not start shipping mail order till December, you must send in your order soon since we fill requests in the order received.  For instructions on how to get on the list for mail order please go to our mail order form page.    If you are purchasing a small amount of  hoshigaki at the farm, we hope to have a supply on hand.  If you are looking for premium grade or more than one pound, we ask you to call: (916) 791-1656 or email: ( for a pre-order.
      Meanwhile other persimmons are showing up at the farm stand.  Hachiya persimmons that were not peeled are ripening into soft succulent globes of sweetness.  Fuyu, the apple type, are just getting ready.  We have some of the brown fleshed varieties:  Maru, Nagamaru, Tsurunoko, Chocolate, Coffee Cake, and vodka.
       Not to be overshadowed by persimmons are pears and apples.  We have D'anjou and Comice European pears.   There are several varieties of juicy, sweet and crisp Asian pears (see the list below).  In the apple department there are red and gloden delicious apples.  Also the memorable Reinette Simerenko  and Fuji apples are available.  Sunnyslope Farm is supplying us with Fuji and Mutsu (Crispin) apples.
      White pomegranates are a specialty item that we are now harvesting.  While light creamy yellow on the outside the ariels are pink with a small core. These are sweet with no tartness.  Hope you will try some.  Red Pomegranates are on the horizon.
        Many summer vegetables have gone by the wayside.  Amazingly, the gardens are still giving us tomatoes.   It is time for winter squash.  You can bake, steam, microwave or blend them for a warm fall meal.  We are changing into cool weather vegetables.  BarleyOats Farm has begun to harvest winter vegetables.  So far we have had salad mix and Napa (Chinese cabbage).

Official Statement: We have NO pick-your-own activities.

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Sun: 11 am to 5 pm
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Here's what we have in the farm stand from Otow Orchard:

Plums: Casselman,  Elephant Heart, Empress
Apples:   Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Reinette Simerenko, Fuji
European Pears:  D'anjou,  Comice
Brown Asian Pears: Shinko, Yoi, and Olympic

Yellow Asian Pears:  Yali
Jujube:  Li

Pomegranates:  White (sweet and pink seeded) 
Brown Fleshed Persimmons:  Maru, Coffee Cake, Chocolate, Tsurunoko
Tomatoes:  Red, Heirloom, Yellow, Pink, Roma,
Winter Squash:  Delicata, Red Kuri, Black Futsu, Kabocha
Chili peppers: Shishito,   Jalapeno,
Eggplant: Japanese (Limited supply)
Beans: Chinese long beans
Basil, Rosemary, Red and Green shiso

Olives (raw)
Calendula salve and lip balm
Honey from our orchard

This is what we have from other producers: 

Sunnyslope Farm:   Fuji apples, Mutsu (Crispin) apples

Jams from The Good Stuff
Bee pollen from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Honey from Top O' The Hill Apiary 
Comb Honey from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Eggs from Two Feather Farm 

Winter vegetables from BarleyOats Farm

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