Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And now, a Blog

I took a bit of time this weekend to work on the website. This is the first time I've touched it since Cousin Patti died. It no longer feels sacrilegious to make changes to but it still reminds me of her so I've mostly stuck to changing the table-based layout to CSS; making things more semantically valid under the covers while keeping the same visual design. I've got a few pages converted so that they display fine in Firefox but I still have to make sure they look okay in Internet Explorer. You can take a look at the new Home Page and the new About Page to make sure they display okay in your browser.

More exciting is that I've worked up a skin for the Otow Orchard Blog and am going to add it to the website soon. Hopefully this will allow my mother and father to write notes about what's going on at the Orchard and let everyone know what fruits are in season.

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