Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loquat & Cherries

The first summer fruits have ripened! Along with the grapefruit and lemons we have had since winter, we now have loquat (or biwa) and cherries. We had a light crop of cherries this year though, so they probably won't last very long.

At the fruit stand we now have:
Cherries--Bing, Royal Ann, Black Tartarian
Loquat--also called biwa, a juicy, sweet yellow-orange fruit (not related to kumquats) that grows in clusters. Inside in the middle are two large brown seeds.
Grapefruit--white variety
Honey--from bees living at our orchard
Organic vegetable seedlings--from Peas and Harmony

Above is a photo of the biwa tree at the orchard.

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