Sunday, June 21, 2009

Santa Rosa Plums & Peaches

Santa Rosa plums are now ready at the orchard. Santa Rosas are very fragrant, sweet and tart, with yellow flesh and dark red to purple skin. They are an old variety, and a lot of people's favorite. We now also have a good supply of peaches. Earlier we had to limit the number that could be bought, but the limit is off now. If you want apricots, try to get to the fruit stand soon, because we have now picked almost all of them.

Here's what we have now at the fruit stand:

  • Plums--Santa Rosa, Frontier, Black Amber, Satsuma
  • Peaches--May Crest, June Crest, Bon Jour, Red Haven
  • Nectarines--Jade white nectarine
  • Apricots--almost finished
  • Cherries--Bing
  • Grapefruit--white variety
  • Vegetables--zucchini (green, yellow, striped cocozelle, crookneck, scallopini), string beans (yellow), cucumbers, eggplant (Japanese), herbs (basil, rosemary, oregano, onions (large red and white), garlic
  • Honey--bigger sizes now, (from bees living at our orchard)
  • Organic vegetable seedlings--from Peas and Harmony

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