Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hoshigaki Orders Stopped

We are sorry to say that we can no longer accept any more orders for hoshigaki (massage-dried persimmons).

Because we need to be sure that we have enough for the orders that have already been placed, we have stopped taking new orders.  The hoshigaki that's currently finishing the drying process is all that we'll be able to produce for this season.

If you like firm fuyu persimmons, try to come get them at the fruit stand soon before they become soft. 

Here's what's at the Fruit Stand now: 
  • Persimmons--fuyu, maru, hachiya, hyakume (vodka-treated)
  • Mandarins--owari satsuma variety (various sizes) 
  • Lemons--Meyer
  • Apples--Fuji, Mutsu, pippin
  • Asian pear--Okusankichi (large brown variety)
  • Pecans--in the shell
  • Winter Squash--buttercup, red kuri, Hopi orange
  • Honey--raw, untreated and un-heated honey made by bees at our orchard
Above is a recent photo of a sunset at the orchard with the shapes of persimmon trees and the wind machine.  

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