Sunday, February 7, 2010

Budding Branches

Above you can see a branch on a plum tree, with blossoms just about to burst open. The ume (Japanese sour plum) trees were the first to blossom a few weeks ago. When you walk under the ume tree by the house you can hear it buzzing with bees.

It has rained quite a bit during the past few weeks. After about 3 years of low rainfall, it seems that the rainfall in our area is now at about average for this time of year. Lately we've been spending time pruning the trees, raking brush and preparing garden beds. We just got in an order of new trees this weekend, so soon we'll have to start planting them in the orchard.

Here's what's at the Fruit Stand now:

  • Mandarins--owari satsuma (very last ones)
  • Oranges--navel
  •  Grapefruit--white variety
  •  Lemons--Meyer, Eureka
  •  Asian Pear--okusankichi
  •  Kiwi
  •  Apples--Pippin
  •  Eggs
  •  Honey--raw, untreated honey from bees at our orchard
  •  Firewood--seasoned firewood (peach, plum, pear, persimmon)

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