Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lots of Plums and Peaches

A lot of different varieties of  plums are ready at the orchard now.  In the photo above,  going clockwise from the red plum in the top right corner you can see Beauty, Red Beaut, Santa Rosa, Frontier, Black Amber and Satsuma and Black Beaut plums.  Other varieties that are ripening and will be available soon are Mariposa, Duarte, Laroda and Friar plums. We have a good supply of peaches too, so we're selling flats of peaches and peach seconds.  If you'd like flats of peaches for canning or jam, please call ahead if you can and we can save some for you.

Vegetable are growing well in the gardens now, too, although tomatoes are very behind.  We should have our first tomatoes for sale by this weekend, although the supply will still be limited.  Normally we have enough tomatoes to sell by the beginning of July. 

Here's what's at the fruit stand now: 

  • Peaches--Red Haven, Bonjour, Flavorcrest, Regina (all yellow freestone varieties); white donut peaches, White Lady, Babcock (white freestone varieties)
  • Plums--Black Beaut, Laroda, Santa Rosa, Frontier, Satsuma
  • Pluots--Flavor Queen
  • Nectarines--Jade (white variety)
  • Apricots--Royal (last of the season)
  • Figs--Mission
  • Vegetables--Eggplant (Ichiban and Listada de Ganadia), green beans (Kentucky Wonder), sweet peppers, zucchini, summer squash, Swiss chard, basil, oregano, mint
  • Eggs--from chickens at our orchard
  • Honey--from bees at our orchard

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