Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hail, Lacewings & Praying Mantises

We've been having strange weather lately with hail and rain last weekend and yesterday it rained heavily all afternoon.  At the left you can see the view looking out from the fruit stand during last weekend's hailstorm.  Hail almost the size of peas is collecting in the hay by the flowers.  Leaves of plants in the gardens were damaged, but not too badly.  We'll have to wait and see what the hail did to the fruit on the trees because the marks won't show until the fruit grows bigger.  

In the orchard we have been finishing thinning persimmon blossoms and checking and fixing the irrigation.  Chris and Michie have been continuing to sprinkle lacewing eggs on the trees.  The eggs are supposed to hatch into lacewing larvae that will prey upon caterpillers of various orchard pests.   

The gardens are all planted for summer vegetables now. We've been spending time weeding and mulching. Next to plant will be Winter squash and pumpkins. When I put tomato cages around the plants this year I noticed quite a few praying mantis egg cases attached to the wire.  This weekend I saw that one had opened and tiny praying mantises were climbing all around the cage.  Below is a photo I tried to take of them.

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