Friday, August 3, 2012

Fay, Nashi, & Kelsey

"Peaches are ripe, use a box"--choosing peaches at the Fruit Stand. Kelsey plums are in the front.
Some of the first two early varieties of Asian pear (nashi)  were picked this week and are now at the fruit stand.    Both are small, round and juicy though one is yellow and the other is brown.  Asian pears are sometimes called "apple pears" because they're crisp like an apple rather than soft like European pears. The orchard has many varieties of Asian pears that ripen from now through December. 

Fay Elberta peaches have been picked, too.  Fay Elbertas are juicy, sweet and flavorful yellow peaches that feel smooth and melty in your mouth.  They're good for eating fresh or for canning or jam. 

Another new addition to the fruit stand is Kelsey Plums.  Kelseys are large green plums that are firm, sweet and tart.  They become softer and sweeter as they change from green to yellow to pinkish, although you can eat them at any of their stages of color.

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