Sunday, September 9, 2012


Lots of delicious grapes are at the fruit stand now.  We have small seedless red flame grapes and larger Ribier red grapes with seeds.  We also have a small amount of Kyoho grapes.  New also are golden delicious apples.  

We still have many ripe tomatoes of different types. If you'd like tomatoes for canning or freezing, please call and talk to us.  We can reserve tomatoes, (incuding seconds) for you.

What's at the fruit stand now:  

  • Grapes--Red Flame, Ribier
  • Apples--Northern Spy, Golden Delicious
  • Plums--Casselman, Kelsey, Elephant Heart, El Dorado
  • Asian Pear--Hosui, 20th Century, New Century, Yoi, Shinko
  • European Pear--Bartlett, Comice
  • Figs--Black Mission and Brown Turkey
  • Tomatoes & Tomatillos--various sizes of red tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, paste tomatoes
  • Vegetables--eggplant (Japanese and Italian), sweet peppers, hot chiles (jalapeno and fish), Chinese long beans, summer squash and zucchini, cucumber, Swiss chard
  • Herbs--Basil, oregano, mint (cut if you ask)
  • Honey--from bees at our orchard
  • Beeswax candles--handmade 100% beeswax from the orchard
  • The Art of Real Food Cookbook--by Joanne Neft and Laura Kenney

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