Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mandarins & Producers Co-op

Chickens near a fuyu tree at sunset
We now have satsuma mandarins for sale at the fruit stand. These are sweet, easy to peel,  usually seedless mandarins. 

December orders for the Sierra Foothill Producers Co-op should be in by Friday, Dec. 14th at 4:00.  Through the Producers Co-op you can order local meat, cheese, eggs, produce and other products such as jams and sauces and then pick up the items at one of the designated delivery spots. The order form is online here.  Delivery will be made to our orchard on Fri., Dec. 21st from 4:00-5:00.  During the same week, there are deliveries in Auburn, Kings Beach and Truckee.  Karin Sinclair, who coordinates the co-op, also makes arrangements for pick-ups at her farm in Penryn.

This month we are selling hoshigaki (Japanese hand-dried persimmons), fuyu, hachiya and maru persimmons, white pomegranate, and Asian pear through the Co-op.  We're still selling these at the fruit stand, too, if you're able to stop by. Hoshigaki can also still be ordered through mail order by using the order form here on our website. 

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