Saturday, April 20, 2013

Citrus, Eggs and Greens

Chickens dust-bathing at the edge of my garden
Now is the season for eggs.  This is the time of the year that the chickens are laying the most prolifically. Even our older chickens have been laying an egg every few days.  It's also the end of citrus season and the beginning of herbs and greens.  Out in the gardens the Swiss chard and herbs are growing well in the late spring weather.

In the fruit stand we have grapefruit, lemons, Swiss chard, oregano, mint, hoshigaki, and fresh local free range eggs. You can also still order hoshigaki (Japanese hand dried persimmon) through mail order.

We have been busy in the orchard dealing with irrigation issues, mowing and thinning fruit from the trees. We've been getting the vegetable  gardens ready to plant by turning in compost and setting up watering. Some things like beans, garlic and zucchini are already planted.

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