Saturday, May 25, 2013

Red Beaut Plum Special

Some of the first summer fruit is now at the fruit stand.  We have a lot of Red Beaut plums, some apricots and loquat and a limited supply of cherries and early peaches.  Until June 1st we'll have trays of Red Beaut plums at a reduced price. 

For citrus fruit we have pink and white grapefruit, Valencia oranges and lemons.  The first zucchini is starting to be picked in the vegetable gardens and we also have Swiss chard and herbs.

Ume (Japanese sour plums) are also for sale at the fruit stand.  If you would like to order a large quantity of ume, please call ahead. 

We still have hoshigaki (Japanese hand dried persimmon)  at the fruit stand and for sale through mail order.  Through mail order we have strips of hoshigaki from our orchard and strips and whole hoshigaki traditionally produced from a farm in Newcastle.  At the fruit stand we also have honey from bees at our orchard and eggs.

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