Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Tomato season has finally arrived.  Many of you have been waiting for vine ripened, juicy tomatoes for your BLTs.  We have many types of tomatoes:  slicing, heirloom, paste, salad, and cherry.
Along with tomatoes the farm stand is full of juicy, sweet peaches, plums and pluots. Now is the time for canning or freezing this year's harvest to enjoy the rest of the year.
Currently in the farm stand we are selling:
Peaches:  Fay Elberta, 49er, Rio Oso Gem, and O'Henry
Plums:  Laroda, Friar, Eldorado, Kelsey, and Red Roy
Pluots:  Flavor King, Flavor Queen, and Dapple Dandy
Citrus: Valencia oranges
Asian Pears :  20th Century, and Hosui
Herbs:  Basil, rosemary, red shiso, mint, catnip, and lemon balm
Grapes: red
Vegetables: Tomatoes, Asian cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, summer squash, tomatillos, eggplant, and peppers
Other items:  honey, Good Stuff Jam, Calendula Salve, Hoshigaki

From other producers:
Sunnyslope Farm:  Elberta peaches, Candy Stripe pluots
Pleasant Hill Farm:  Friar plums, Cassie plums, Dapple Dandy pluots

See you at the farm stand.

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