Saturday, September 30, 2017


     Along with apples, Asian pears and pomegranates, we are harvesting jujube.  This ancient fruit has crisp texture, edible skin, and a sweet-tart flavor like an apple. They are just the right size for snacking. They can be eaten from yellow to brown or even dried and wrinkled.  They contain many vitamins and minerals and are especially rich in vitamin C.  People have been known to eat jujube for a sore throat and other health benefits. I hope you will come try a few.

      At this time of year, many of our customers are starting to look for persimmons: fresh or dry, crisp or soft, orange, yellow, brown or sugary.  We are also waiting for the season to get going.  We see color on the fruit but most are still showing some green.  Another lesson in patience.

If you are interested in mail ordering hoshigaki this year, please check our web site after mid October for the mail order details.  This year we will not be sending out email reminders to past customers.  We are trying to be more efficient with our time and energy. Also, last year produced less hoshigaki than was requested so our energy needs to focus on the process not the emailing.  Check the web site, get your check and order form to us in the mail.  While on this topic, let me talk about cost.  While shipping and handling has been increasing, the price we charge for hoshigaki has remained the same since 2013.  This is not sustainable for us so you will see a rise in price this year.  For customers picking up hoshigaki at the farm stand,please call about availability and make your order.

From Otow Orchard:
Asian Pears:  20th Century, Shinko,Yoi, Yali, Olympic
European Pears:  D Anjou
Pomegranates:  White and pink pomegranates
Apples:  Fuji, Reinette Simerenko
Jujube: Li Jujube

Tomatoes:  very limited supply
Cherry tomatoes:  Sungold
Summer squash: yellow and green zucchini
Winter squash: Kabocha, Delicata
Cucumber: limited supply
Peppers:  sweet peppers
Chile peppers:  Aji Limon, Jalapenos, Feher Ozon, Shishito

From Sunnyslope Farm:
Fresh chestnuts

Also available:  Honey, 100% Beeswax Candles, Good Stuff Jam, Calendula Salve and Lip Balm, 2018 Placer County Master Gardeners Calenders, Firewood

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