Tuesday, February 27, 2018


      In the hot house we are tending  tender young tomato, eggplant and pepper plants.  With the freezing weather we have had, they needed lots of attention and are off to a slow start.  Nonetheless they are amazing.
     It has been a dry winter and we are celebrating the winter-like storms that are coming our way. We would love to have a year where water needs can be easily met.  But with the rains we have to hope the peach leaf curl is not too intense.  Many other orchardists are out spraying fungicides to protect their investment. We are hoping our orchard sanitation practices will significantly decrease disease pressures. 
      The ume (Japanese plums) blossomed and set weeks ago.  As a result of last week's freezing temperatures we see many shriveled ume on the trees.  We hope some will survive.

These are our Feb., Mar., and Apr. hours:  
TU, WED, THUR:  11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Fri, Sat:    10 am to 6 pm
Sun:          10 am to 5 pm
Mon: Closed
If you need to come at a different time, please call us at
(916) 300-0720 for an appointment.
Here's what we have in the farm stand now from Otow Orchard:
Navel oranges
Blood oranges
Yellow grapefruit
Hoshigaki  (Also available though Mail Order.  See home page)
This is what we have from other producers:
Navel oranges from Pleasant Hill Farm
Eureka Lemons from Mihara Farm
Kiwi from Mihara Farm
Winter vegetables from Barley Oats Farm
Raw honey from Nastase  Honey Farm in Lincoln
Local honey from Top O'The Hill Apiary in Granite Bay
Jams from The Good Stuff
Eggs from Two Feather Farm

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