Monday, July 16, 2018


Summer is in full swing.. At least weatherwise.
Our harvest has been extremely small.  Some days we have peaches and on others we ration them and still run out.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD if you are traveling a distance for peaches.  The plums have been very good. Can't get them like this at the store.  All the fruit set on the trees have been lacking this year.  Must be the climate change that some say we are not experiencing.  The blossoms didn't all come on at once as they usually do. Rather blooming came in stages over time.  Naturally it seemed to rain every time new blossoms opened up.  We attribute that to the lack of chill hours during the dormant season. Farming is certainly "faith-based".  There are too many factors that all the man-made chemicals in the world can't control or remedy.  Tomatoes are just coming on.  Many home gardeners beat us to the table with their own home grown.  Zucchini and Asian cucumbers are doing great.  Who could imagine that cucumbers could be so good.  Thankfully Veronica battles the wild blackberry vines and I don't have to.  Lisa still brings us her eggs though the hot weather is not good for the chickens. Fred finished up his leafy greens and now has potatoes and onions.  His garden plot behind the shed looks abandoned, but by the end of the month he'll be getting it ready for his next winter garden.  Anatoliy has been bringing his honey.  I can't imagine his bees being very happy in our orchard as dry as it is.
With drip irrigation the beauty and serenity of the orchard is gone but we all need to do our part so there's water for everybody.
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Official Statement: We have NO pick-your-own activities.
 May to January Hours:
Tu to Sat:   10 am to 6 pm
Sun:            10 am to 5 pm
Closed on Mondays

Here's what we have in the farm stand from Otow Orchard:
Yellow Freestone Peaches:  Delight, Suncrest, Frost, Gene Elberta

White Peaches:  Sugar Lady, Babcock, Nectar, Silver Logan
Plums:  Santa Rosa, Frontier, Satsuma, Burgundy, Eldorado, Black Amber, Laroda, Red Ace, 

             Red Roy,
Pluot:  Dapple Dandy
Wild Blackberries
Hoshigaki (dried persimmons) No longer available though Mail Order.
Herbs:  basil, dill, rosemary, mint
Calendula Salve

Honey from Otow Orchard
Vegetables: Zucchini, Yellow squash, Asian cucumbers, Lemon cucumbers, Okra, Japanese eggplant, sweet peppers, hot peppers, Tomatoes, Sungold cherry tomatoes, Long beans

This is what we have from other producers:

Yellow peaches from Sunnyslope Farm   
White peaches from Sunnyslope Farm
Jams from The Good Stuff

Onions and Potatoes from BarleyOats Farm
Eggs from Two Feather Farm

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