Friday, November 29, 2019


      ORANGE is the color for this season.  Mandarins have arrived from Lincoln.  These Satsuma mandarins were grown at Pleasant Hill Farm in the foothills of Placer County. The cool temperatures stimulate mandarin ripening.
       Our farm stand is filled with  the color orange.  Fuyu, Hachiya, Vodka and brown fleshed persimmons fill our display table.  We are now offering bags of Fuyu persimmons.   
       We enjoyed this bright fruit salad for our Thanksgiving meal.  It included slices of mandarin oranges, firm fuyu persimmons, apples and pomegranates.  I used a ripe soft gyombo persimmon as a dressing.
        Now that the weather is cooling (did I mean cold),  the texture of persimmons, especially fuyu, will respond by ripening and losing their crispness.  For those who are looking for crisp fuyu we still have a supply of firm fuyu persimmons stored away from the cold.

        Hoshigaki continues to demand its share of attention and time.  After the days activities and usually after dinner, we begin tending the dry persimmons inside the building.  We are massaging and checking for dryness.  Hoshigaki is now available at the farm stand.  Mail orders for hoshigaki are suspended  while we assess availability.  Please email inquiries.

Official Statement: We have NO pick-your-own activities.


Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm 

Sun: 11 am to 5 pm

 Closed on Mondays

Here's what we have in the farm stand from Otow Orchard:
Apples:   Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady
Brown Asian Pears: Shinko, and Olympic
Pomegranates:  White and Ambrosia (sweet and pink seeded) 

Red Pomegranates:  Wonderful
       Brown Fleshed Persimmons:  Maru, Chocolate, Tsurunoko, Hyakume

       Vodka Treated Persimmons: aka Hyakume
       Apple Type Persimmons:  Fuyu
       American Persimmon:  Gyombo, Hachiya (must be soft to be sweet)
       Hoshigaki: dried persimmons
Winter Squash:  Butternut
Chili peppers

Calendula salve and lip balm
Honey from our orchard

Nuts:  Walnuts and Pecans

This is what we have from other producers: 
Sunnyslope Farm:   Fuji apples, Granny Smith apples

Quince from Steve
Jams from The Good Stuff
Bee pollen from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Honey from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Comb Honey from Top O' The Hill Apiary
Eggs from Two Feather Farm

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