Monday, July 13, 2020


       For two months people have been asking, "When will you have peaches?"  The answer is, "Now".  It is the time for both yellow and white freestone peaches.   Red Haven are sweet and juicy and they will be followed by Suncrest, Gene Elbert, and Delight in a week.  White peaches are slowly coming in. Nonetheless we are getting a few Silver Logan, Babcock, and Sugar Lady. So if you have been waiting for sweet juicy tree ripened peaches all year be sure to show up at the farm stand in July and August.

      Plums are also in the height of their season.  We continue to sell fragrant and flavorful Santa Rosa plums.  Laroda is a sweet tart tasty plum with yellow flesh.  We have three red fleshed plums:  Satsuma, Frontier, and Burgundy.  These tend to be less acidic and get sweeter and juicier as they ripen.

      I guess you can say it is cucumber season.  The thin skinned, seedless Asian cucumbers are tender, tasty, crisp and juicy. I serve them daily as sticks or rounds.  Some people like to pull them out of the frig and eat them whole for a refreshing and healthy summer snack.  Armenian cucumbers are very crisp and usually on the large side.  I enjoy making overnight pickles with these cucumbers.  And for fun, we have lemon cucumbers. Named after their shape, we find  them more enjoyable when they are light green and not mature yellow.

     Along with peaches, plums and cucumbers are glorious vine ripened tomatoes. Right now we have large juicy red and heirloom tomatoes.  As the season progresses expect the size to shrink. Time to think about those tomato sandwiches or a simple salad of  salted cucumbers with tomatoes and mayo or your favorite dressing.

       Wild blackberries are now in season.  These baskets are carefully hand harvested and selected for taste and sweetness.  Blackberries are usually available only in July.  Hope you don't miss out on this short season. 

      We are selling hoshigaki from last season.  It is available at the farm stand as strips or whole pieces.  We are curtailing mail orders till the weather cools, probably September or October if we still have a supply.

      There are several local honey choices at this time. Nastase Honey Farm has a cute honey bear with raw, unfiltered honey.  Our own beekeeper has honey from Otow Orchard as well as orange blossom honey from a valley citrus grove.  Top O' the Hill Apiary in Granite Bay has honey, bee pollen and boxes of beautiful comb honey.


Tues through Sat   10 am to 6 pm

Sun.                       11 am to 5 pm

Closed on Mondays

Here is what we have at the Farm Stand from Otow Orchard:
Santa Rosa Plums: Dark skin with yellow flesh. Sweet-tart taste with intense flavor and fragrance

Red Flesh Plums:
Yellow Freestone Peaches:
      Red Haven

      Gene Elberta
White Freestone Peaches:
      Sugar Lady

      Silver Logan
Wild Blackberries
Eureka Lemons:  Tart
Hoshigaki:  whole and strips
Honey from bees at Otow Orchard
Calendula Salve and Lip Balm
Tomatoes:  red, yellow, heirloom, Roma, cherry
Summer Squash

Asian eggplant

Okra (limited supply)
Long Beans (limited supply)
Sweet Peppers (limited supply)
Persimmon Pulp

Here is what we have from other producers:
Yellow Peaches from Sunnyslope Farm (conventionally grown): June Pride and Suncrest
Lani's Garden:  Lettuce, American eggplant, Jalapeno peppers and Anaheim peppers.
Honey from Nastase Honey Farm in Lincoln
Orange Blossom Honey from our bee keeper
Top O' the Hill Apiary:  Honey, comb honey, and bee pollen.
Eggs from Two Feather Farm in Granite Bay
Jams from the Good Stuff. We currently have Plum (Santa Rosa), Peach Cardamon, Chili Apricot, Pepper Pomegranate, Fig Orange Brandy, Chili Blackberry, and Quince Marmalade


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