Thursday, November 26, 2020


 DG (Dried persimmons sold in a gift box)  HAS SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON.  We used up the gift boxes and do not plan to order any more.  The hoshigaki in the DK and DG are the same quality hoshigaki and like I have always said, "you can't eat the box".  Originally the hoshigaki was sold in bulk (bags of twenty to twenty-five pounds).  They had to make it dry to avoid mold.  When we decided to create a "new" hoshigaki that was moist and enjoyable to eat, the little boxes came in handy for maintaining quality and market appeal. Since it would create a savings of $13, we decided to eliminate the boxes when the supply ran out. For giving gifts an alternate option might be to purchase small cellophane bags for the hoshigaki and tie them off with ribbon.

We are presently swamped with the hoshigaki process and hope to start shipments shortly. Though the waiting list is quite lengthy, we are still accepting orders.  Happy holidays to all of you and when this covid season is brought under control, we hope to see you

Thank you,

Tosh and Chris

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