Monday, December 5, 2022


        Amazingly enough, we still have Fuyu  persimmons to sell.  We try to look for the hardest ones to sell since most people like them crisp.  I'll have to admit that we set many aside since we think they are starting lose their firmness.   We seemed to have enough Fuyu this season, but the astringent persimmons, hachiya and gyombo have sold out.  Many disappointed bakers.

     Most of the persimmons that we have been drying have come off the racks and are waiting in the freezer for us to finish processing. We are starting to sell early season hoshigaki at the farm stand. Currently there is no Mail Order Form online.



                            SUNDAY      11:00 TO 5:00


 Here is what we have at the Farm Stand from Otow Orchard:

 Okusankichi Asian Pears:  Generally large crisp and juicy.  Refreshingly sweet. A good keeper for winter enjoyment.

Maru:  Brown fleshed persimmon.  Sweet if pollinated. Can be eaten hard or soft.  These are often partially sweet.

Nagamaru:  Brown fleshed persimmon.  Sweet if pollinated. Eaten hard or soft. These may be partially sweet but get sweeter if eaten when soft.

Vodka Persimmons:  These are Hyakume persimmons that did not pollinate.  We have sweetened them with vodka. They may be eaten firm or soft.

Hachiya: Sold out  😢

Gyombo: Sold out  😞

Fuyu persimmons:  Crisp and sweet. Eaten fresh like an apple or sliced into salads.

Frozen persimmon pulp:  Sold out

Red pomegranates:  Deep red arils. (Limited supply.  Many cracked ones.)

Honey 🍯 from bees 🐝 at Otow Orchard. Bee pollen from bees 🐝 at Otow Orchard 

⚘ Calendula  Salve and Lip Balm 

Butternut Squash:  Pinkish beige shell yields a neck of solid flesh and a small seed cavity. Smooth, sweet flesh can be baked, steamed, or roasted.  Can be added to soup, stir fry, stews.

Hot peppers🌶:

         Buena Mulata hot peppers.


         Aji Amarillos:  Peruvian chili peppers


Tomatillos:  green tomato like vegetable often used in green salsa.

Walnuts:  English (limited supply)

Dried jujube


Here is what we have from other producers:

Sunnyslope Farm in Granite Bay,Conventionally Grown: Granny Smith apples. 🍏 Sweet tart eaten out of hand or for baking and cooking.  Known for keeping their shape when cooked and maintaining a white color when sliced.

Top O' the Hill Apiary in Granite Bay: Honey🍯. Top of the Hill Apiary also has bees wax 🐝.

La Bella Vito Farm in Loomis is bringing us fresh🥚 eggs from pastured 🐔🐔chickens (Limited supply. Please call ahead.)

Pleasant Hill Farm in Newcastle:  Red Mandarins. 
The peel on these mandarins are a little deeper in color with a reddish glow.  They are juicy and a little less acidic than the regular Satsuma mandarin.

 Pleasant Hill Farm in Newcastle:  Satsuma Mandarins.  Yellow peel, juicy, flavorful and sweet.

Lupi Farm in Granite Bay (no spray):  Quince:  Yellow ancient fruit in the pear/apple family.  Seldom eaten raw.  It is hard and needs to be cooked and sweetener added.  It is very fragrant and high in pectin.  Used to make jelly, quince paste, quince candy (Dulce  de Membrillo).  It can be added to apple sauce or cranberry sauce for flavor.  Great with pork dishes or pork stew.

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