Wednesday, January 20, 2021


 We tried to keep persimmons on the table for sale last week. But to be honest, their season is past, no more firm, crisp persimmons  until October and November.  For those of you who need pulp, there is a supply of frozen persimmon pulp in our freezer.

Moving on with the seasons, it is time for citrus. We started with Satsuma mandarins. Just what the doctor ordered for natural vitamin C.  We are also getting navel oranges from Pleasant Hill Farm in Lincoln, CA and Meyer lemons from Lupi Farm in Granite Bay.

There are just a few late hoshigaki still hanging on the rack.  Many are still being processed.  We will have a good supply for spring and summer. We encourage people to continue to purchase and mail order them while the weather is cool.

Out in the orchard, trees are getting their winter pruning, mulch is being spread between the rows, and weeds are being pulled up under the grapes.  Part of the orchard is still asleep and other parts are starting to wake up.  Warm weather can be a problem since many varieties have not had their required chill hours for desired bud formations.


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Here is what we have at the Farm Stand from Otow Orchard:

Asian Pears:  Okusankichi:  Generally large, mildly sweet winter Asian pear. Crisp, juicy and refreshing.

Pomegranates: White and Red

Hachiya persimmon pulp:   Frozen.  Used for  fresh eating and baking.  These are the persimmons that are often referred to as "food of the gods".  Great in smoothies and on cereal or yogurt.

Quince: Usually only eaten when cooked and sweetener added.  Quince contain pectin and is used for jams, jellies, candy, and paste. Fragrant and flavorful.

Hoshigaki:  Dried persimmons with naturally formed dusting of fruit sugars on the surface.

Satsuma mandarins: Easy to peel, sweet and juicy with great flavor.

Bee pollen from bees at Otow Orchard

Calendula Salve and Lip Balm

Winter squash:  Kabocha



Here is what we have from other producers:

Pleasant Hill Farm in Lincoln: Satsuma mandarins and Navel oranges

Lupi Farm in Granite Bay: Meyer lemons are deep yellow with fragrant thin skin.  They are sweeter than common lemons. Used to brighten water, tea, poultry dishes and vegetables.  The rind is also used in food preparation .

Top O' the Hill Apiary in Granite Bay:  Comb honey can be used in tea, coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, fruit salads and on toast or bagels.  Top of the Hill Apiary also has Bees wax.

Nastase Honey Farm in Lincoln:  This Honey is unfiltered and raw.  It is light and so delicious.

Two Feather Farm in Granite Bay:  Eggs (limited supply).

Jams from the Good Stuff. We currently have Plum (Santa Rosa), Peach Cardamon, Chili Apricot, Pepper Pomegranate, Fig Orange Brandy, and Chili Blackberry.


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