Monday, December 4, 2023

 Hey, this is Tosh.  Sorry if I missed you this fall at the farm stand.  My favorite activity is still driving the tractor.  If you get out to the orchard, take a walk out through the trees and geese.  Fall will be finished with the orchard soon.  Rain will help the leaves all drop and the birds will swoop in and clean up the fruit hanging on the trees.  

I've been working at the other end, down past the strawberry fields, moving compost, leaves that the landscaper cleans from the office complexes in town, and wood and chips brought by tree service operators.  Though, it was all for making compost, I am constantly retrieving debris and trash from the loads that are brought in.

Alert:  We have some nice redwood for woodworkers.  Come on down past the pond to check it all out.

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